The sea caves, the faraglioni with extraordinary shapes, the green of the vegetation on the steep rocky walls, the incomparable views, a mix of nature and art make Capri the most dreamed and celebrated of the islands. Navigare is undoubtedly the most fascinating way to admire the most hidden and spectacular views of the coast and to search for unique corners, accessible only by sea, to get in tune with places that offer unforgettable sensations. We will also reveal some of the most suggestive itineraries to travel by land, which preserve the charm of the island, built on its cultural traditions, which are rooted in ancient history. Available for the island tour, day cruising, weekend or week. Capri First Class Concierge Services available on request: IMPERIAL ’95, ITAMA 40, CAYMAN 52, RIVA ACQUARAMA, SORRENTINO FISHING BOAT.

Gozzo can accommodate up to 7 people

Lancia can accommodate up to 11 people

Itama can accommodate up to 7 people

If there are further requests, such as other types of boats or times other than those indicated, please contact us